RYTEKRytek’s founder and current team have come from technology, engineering, development and management backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of experience to engineer and build products for the automotive industry that are both technology bases and engineering based.

OEM Engineering Modernization 

Rytek has experience bringing older cars into the modern age with technology, safety and performance enhancements that have been created or modified by Rytek.

Automotive Concept Vehicles and Customization

Rytek has worked with major manufacturers to create automotive concept vehicles for major automotive shows like SEMA, LA Auto Show and others.  We have worked with Ford, Toyota, Scion and Honda to name a few.

Grey Market Engineering

Rytek can help engineer and modify your grey market import to make it legal to register and drive in all 50 states.  Our big expertise is in handling the challenge of passing emissions especially in the State of California.